About us

We love glass.

We love to watch how millions persuasive essay topics for middle school of sand grains fuse into one, creating a body seducing with its ceaselessly smooth texture.

We are fascinated by the moment when the red-hot glass pulp leaves the furnace, its birthplace. Then, it submissively yields to further treatment. It slowly cools down, adopting a form in which it will remain through the rest of its glass life.

What inspires us?

Shortly speaking – everything.

Anything can inspire us. Anything can fire the designer’s imagination, causing his or her thoughts to gallop through his or her head and making him or her create absolutely amazing things.

We fully use what nature gives us. We are fascinated by the perfection and harmony of geometrical solids, ingenious simplicity of their mathematical formulas, divine symmetry of their perfect shapes.

When creating lamps, we reach for classical patterns, industrial spaces, as well as Scandinavian or African styles (there is more thorough description coming with each lamp).

We relate to the ancient art of glass-melting. We try to combine the centuries-old tradition with trends set in the 21st century.

How has it all begun?

We never know what is going to happen to us when we are born. What we will leave behind us, or, how we are going to wow the world.

We feel exactly the same when creating a glass piece. We never know what the result will turn out to be.

It happened like that with our company.

We never thought that our products will, some day, be admired by the Royal Family in Spain, when we were starting the glassworks. We didn’t even dare to dream that our merchandise would conquer the five continents. However, our expectations were surpassed by the reality. The best was yet to come.

Best ideas develop by chance

The year 2012. The whole world was crazed by the thought of the impending doom. For us, however, the date turned out to be the beginning of a new era, the era of glass lamps.

During one of the business meetings we were asked a question which we could not answer. “Since you make glass vessels, why don’t you make glass lamps?”

That was it! Revelation. It was so obvious that we wondered why we hadn’t thought of it earlier ourselves. We decided to put the idea into action. Thus, 4Concepts lamps were born.

What’s next?

The history of our company makes us aware that life can bring us even more surprises. Therefore, we look to the future with hope. We know that if you want to succeed, you cannot limit your dreams…