About lamps

A lamp is not an ordinary piece of furniture,  nor is it yet another decorative element. It is the only item in every house which has enormous power to influence our moods.

How are our lamps made?

First, there is an inspiration. A vague idea, entertaining speech topics toyed with, which takes shape on a paper after a while. First sketches, corrections. More corrections. Until a satisfying result. Until the moment arrives when we consider the project completed. Perfect.

Then, we go to our glassworks. The project slowly starts being alive. Hot glass is molded, all hand-made. Every detail chiseled with care. Those are really hot moments in the life of a future lamp. Its fate is being decided.

After a while, the emotions cool down. All is clear now. Another piece of glass artifact is ready to win the world. Before this happens, though, it needs a name.

We gather together and look at our new baby. Various names are suggested. At last, we pick the only word which fully renders the character of the newly born lamp…